TCBS Portal

The TCBS portal is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) integration platform. Its powerful code engine leverages Spectrum® SDX services and proprietary TCBS SQL Views to provide secure web, mobile, and Excel solutions that provide real time data without syncing requirements.

  • Excel Reporting
  • Time Card Entry
  • Check Stubs
  • AP Invoice Submission
  • 3rd Party Integrations to Spectrum®

While some companies like to tout how their solutions auto-magically know your business requirements via artificial intelligence, our solutions have evolved from decades of hard earned experience related specifically to construction accounting and the Spectrum® Construction Accounting software.

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Our Solutions

Financial Statements

We offer a dynamic Excel based tool to build your Financial Statements and display them immediately with drill down and customized parameters.

Time Card

Collecting time cards can be a time consuming data entry process. We make web, mobile, and Excel based interfaces that allow you to collect, review, and import to Spectrum® in a way that matches how your business works.

AP Invoice

Processing invoices is a time consuming process. Electronic delivery is challenging because often the vendor does not have all the information Spectrum® requires. We provide solutions that allow for vendors to submit invoices via the web, with review capabilities to fill in the missing information, and one touch import, streamlining the process and requiring less re-keying of data.

Check Stubs

Save paper and postage by allowing your employees to view their pay stubs online.

Work In Progress

Managing the cost of your jobs is always a challenging endeavor. Our Work In Progress solutions can show you the information you need and help with minimize time consuming data entry.

Mobile Apps

Do you require your employees to do data collection on site? Whether it is equipment, time card, material use, we can create web, Android or iOS apps that allow your employees to collect data from their mobile device.